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Comfy Knitted Things

Making toys for my grandchildren is fun and rewarding for me, the Jungle toys, are a set that I am developing and will slowly be sharing here as I decipher my notepads into readable patterns for everyone. I am sure that they are not an “easy” level, because of the increase, decrease, working in the round — however, I think that anyone that can do a do a knit or purl stitch and work in the round can easily follow along and complete them. The first pattern to share is the Lioness, Jungle Knitted Kitty.

Lioness, Jungle Knitted Kitty



Lion, King of the Jungle Toys



I love to be warm, even in the summer when others want to blast the air conditioner. I will often be looked at funny for wearing a sweater, wrap or a hat! The Autumn and Winter are approaching for the rest you. I have been twitching to use up a beautiful skein of Claret colored yarn and decided to make up a new cowl pattern. This I worked up after I wrote it out from a thought in my head, I was so happy to finally pluck it off the cable needle and see that it came out so awesome.

Staggered Welty Cowl Pattern