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Tutu Style Party Gift Bags

Posted by on August 17, 2013


The Supplies

J Crochet Hook

about an Ounce of Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Red Heart in Orchid)

16 – 6 inch widths x 10 inch lengths of Tulle (I used bright pink and lavender)

17 – 7mm and 17 – 5mm Crystal Faceted Clear Plastic Beads

Stitch Marker (or scrap yarn)

Sewing Thread

Darning Needle

Sewing Needle



Gauge: The gauge is not picky, the end size of my bag is: 4.5 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and a circumference of 9 inches. When adding the tulle and other trim just make sure to measure your bag so that your cuts are adequate.



sl st = slip stitch

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet


This bag will be worked in the round using US terms; conversion to UK chart here.


Chain 13. I put markers on the photo to show where the 3 sc will go in the next round.


Round 1: Skip first chain (reserve for last 3 sc in round); 11sc, 3sc in last chain, turn work upside down and working in bottom of chains, 11sc, 3 sc in the chain that was skipped at beginning – sl st to beg to join, ch 1. (28 sts)  I put markers on the photo to show where the 2 sc will go in the next round.


Round 2: 12sc, in next st 2sc in same sc, 13sc, in next st 2 sc in same sc, 1 sc in last sc – sl st to beginning to join, ch1. (30 sts)


Round 3: 30 sc – sl st to beg to join, ch 1. (30 sts)


Rounds 4-13: 30 hdc – sl st to beg to join, ch 1. (30 sts) [total of 10 rounds in hdc]


Round 14: 30 sc – sl st to beg to join, ch 1. Place a marker somewhere on this round to keep your placement for the Tulle ribbons.


Rounds 15- 19: 30 sc – sl st to beg to join, ch 1.


Round 20: (1)Sl st  over next 2 sts, (2)3 sc, (3)12 sl st over the next 12 sts, (4)3sc, (5)12 sl st over the next 12 sts – do not join. The numbers in the (parenthesis) are to correlate with the photo below.


Round 21: 3 sc over the next 3 sc, chain 17- skip 12 slipped stitches, 3 sc over the next 3 sc, chain 17- skip 12 slipped stitches – sl st to beg to join, ch 1.

13-tutu 14-tutu 15-tutu

Round 22: 3 sc, 17 sc in chain links, 3 sc, 17 sc in chain links – sl st to beg to join, fasten off and darn in end.

17-tutu 18-tutu 20-tutu


The Basic Bag is done! Now onto how I added the trimmings. The rest is a suggestion, you can decorate to your own liking and creative abilities 🙂

Cut yourself a piece of cardboard or another stiff object that is 5 inches long* to do the wrap for this bag, the end result will be 6 inch wide x 10 inch long pieces of tulle. Here is a photo of the basic supplies needed, pins, thread, needle, scissors, tulle (colors of your choice in six inch strips), and the cardboard length. (*note: if your bag is taller do your own gauge, please measure your finished bag from the marker to the bottom and make the cardboard length according to that measurement! If it is 5.5 inches your end result for each strip will then be 11 inches – it doubles)




Start by holding one of the tulle with your thumb over the cardboard as shown:


Proceed by wrapping the tulle from the behind and from the bottom over the top, as shown:



Until you use up every last bit of the length of tulle, ending at the top of the cardboard, as shown:



At this point you will simply cut at the top through all layers of the tulle, as shown:



Resulting in several 6 inch x 10 inch pieces of tulle to sew onto your project- repeat for all lengths and colors that you wish to use:



When you have your pieces of tulle all cut … you can simply baste them together… however, I needed 6 more hands to help in this part, so again to the cardboard for another jig:

First I measured the circumference of the bag at the point where I planned to sew the tulle tops:



Cut your cardboard length for a jig:



Add little slits on the center top and each side centered to lovingly hold the thread for you as you baste:



Pick one length at a time and fold in half so that you have 6 inches across and 5 inches long:



With the tulle bunched over your finger, baste the thread through the top and pull down onto the thread close to the cardboard jig:



Continue in this manner until as fluffy you would like, 14- 16 pieces of tulle seemed to be just right for this size bag:



Slide your bag between the cardboard and the tulle with the front facing upward and centered, then pin in place (catching only the front crochet of the bag):



Release the threads from the jig, turn the bag over, and position each end to the center back, pin:



Now to whip stitch neatly the tulle into place:



At this point, trim along the top edge of your lovely whip stitches – or leave plain – with any desired extra trimmings. I had thought of sequins, rick-rack, lace, and chose clear faceted beads which I hand sewed on. You can use fabric glue, hot glue or sew — the possibilities are endless for this quick and easy little project. Total time, if any were wondering, about an hour to crochet the bag,  30 minutes to cut and sew on the tulle, and about another 30 minutes to sew on the beads. I made a total of 8 these bags in two days, enjoy!



© 2013 Cass Dodge

Do to individual crafting techniques, I am giving instructions in good faith. Your results may differ from mine – and to me that is brilliant! Please be kind and do not reproduce this pattern or sell pattern. You are free to sell items made using this pattern, I only ask that you include my design name and link to my blog: in your online listings. Thanks!

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