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Monogrammed Crown Style Bag

Posted by on August 17, 2013


The Supplies

J Crochet Hook

H Crochet Hook

about an Ounce of Worsted Weight Yarn in Main Color (I used Red Heart in Blue Suede)

Small amount of alternate color worsted Weight Yarn for embroidery (I used Red Heart in Light Blue)

Darning Needle


Gauge: The gauge on this project is not picky, the end size of my bag is: 4.5 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and a circumference of 9 inches.




sl st = slip stitch

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

v st = v stitch

picot = picot


Special Stitches used for the top edging:

v st:

Work 1 dc st, 1 ch st, and 1 more dc st in same st.

picot st:

sc in next v st, ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, sc in same v st.


This bag will be worked in the round using US terms; conversion to UK chart here.


With J size hook.


Chain 13. I put markers on the photo to show where the 3 sc will go in the next round.


Round 1: Skip first chain (reserve for last 3 sc in round); 11sc, 3sc in last chain, turn work upside down and working in bottom of chains, 11sc, 3 sc in the chain that was skipped at beginning – sl st to beg to join, ch 1. (28 sts) I put markers on the photo to show where the 2 sc will go in the next round.


Round 2: 12sc, in next st 2sc in same sc, 13sc, in next st 2 sc in same sc, 1 sc in last sc – sl st to beginning to join, ch 1. (30 sts)


Round 3 – 22: 30 sc – sl st to beg to join, ch 1. (30 sts) [total of 20 rounds]


Round 23: *2 hdc, (ch1 skip1)*; repeat from * to * around – sl st to beg to join, ch 1. (30sts)


Round 24: 30 sc – sl st to beg to join, ch 4. (30 sts)


Round 25: Dc in same space as beg ch [counts as beg v-st], sk2, * v st, sk2 *; repeat from * to * around – sl st to beg to join. (30 sts)



Round 26: * picot – in ch 1 space of V-st from previous round, sl st in st between V-sts previous round. *; repeat from * to * around – sl st to beg to join, fasten off and darn in end.

11-blue 12-blue  13-blue 14-blue 15-blue

Make a tie

With H size hook.

Chain 80, fasten off.


With crochet hook, weave the chain through the eyelets made on round 23. Weave in all ends.

17-blue 18-blue

The basic bag is done! Go ahead and make it pretty to your crafting heart’s desire. I chose to surface crochet a monogrammed letter on each bag to denote the gentlemen party goers; but you feel free to add a lovely flower, some sewn-on buttons, glitter or an applique – the sky is the limit for these precious blank canvases. The total time it took me to make each bag was: about 30 minutes to crochet and another 10 minutes (or less) to surface crochet a letter freehand. Enjoy!



© 2013 Cass Dodge

Do to individual crafting techniques, I am giving instructions in good faith. Your results may differ from mine – and to me that is brilliant! Please be kind and do not reproduce this pattern or sell pattern. You are free to sell items made using this pattern, I only ask that you include my design name and link to my blog: in your online listings. Thanks!

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