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Crocheting Happy Little Things

The Crochet Crowd Mystery Crochet Along: for requirements and link to join in click here

Week #1:



How I did the eyes, just a fast explanation:

back stitch all the way with full thickness of yarn: for pupil going vertical, twice with black… inside eye, with white I did once, outside of eye I did 3 times ~ then horizontal in pink I did 3 times across the top and once on the bottom…… then like using embroidery floss, I separated one strand from my black and white, made the lashes in a back stitch, and just did a small back stitch on the pupil in white… the trick is keeping everything centered and approximately the same. Hope that helps anyone that doesn’t want plastic eyes!


Same way as above, but make the stitches a bit taller in full thickness of the yarn. 3/4 inch is what I shooting for. The pupil going vertical, 4 times in black… inside eye, with white I did twice, outside of the eye I did 4 times ~ then upper lid in purple I did 3 times horizontally.

Then separate the yarn into single strands of the black and white. With the black make a single backstitch line across the bottom of the upper lid and create some lashes to the outside. Also for this eye I used a single strand of black along the very edge of the bottom of the eye. With a single strand of white I created a little highlight of a small back stitch in the upper corner of the pupil.  Sweet! 15mm/ 3/4 in eyes that are perfect for young children and animals to play with. Hope this helps.

Aviator Style Boy Hat

A cute little newborn baby boy hat in a pilot motif for high-flying style

Aviator / Pilot Style Boy Hat


Super Easy Butterfly Motif

I have been challenged with making a butterfly afghan in pink and purple for my youngest granddaughter, Rosie.  Put my thinking cap on and spent a few hours working this out last night. Posting the butterfly here so I can remember it when I think of the rest of the blanket.

Super Easy Butterfly Motif or applique item


Basic Newborn Hat

Super Easy and Fast to make cap for a newborn head with a circumference of 15 inches. Will fit most newborns up to around 2 months, gives a bit of stretch up to 16 inches. I made this pattern so that it can be decorated or changed up with different stitches and colors. Have fun and enjoy.

Basic Newborn Hat


Trouble’s Kitty Bed

My husband asked me to make the cat a bed ~ Here is what I came up with, it also busted out a lot of my stash yarn:

Trouble’s Kitty Bed


Lady Crochet Slippers with Crocodile Cuffs

Ciara, my daughter, asked if I could come up with these booties… I gave it my best, I will share the pattern as it is developed at the moment.

Lady Crochet Slippers with Crocodile Cuffs


Madi Birthday Bags

After talking to my daughter about what she was planning it was decided that I could indulge my yarn whimsies and make up a cute pattern idea that would go with the Princess theme of the party for the party gift bags. It also is also a great keepsake item instead of throwing more plastics needlessly into the landfills.

Two different styles ended up being needed after the “brainstorm” — Girls will get a Tutu Style bag and the Boys will get a Monogrammed Crown Style bag. The bags themselves are fairly easy to crochet and are a great take along project!

Tutu Style Bag


Monogrammed Crown Style Bag